Flex Godwin or DeeJay Dallas?! (STD)

I’m currently projected to outscore my opponent by 15 points, so I need more of a floor.

Argument for Godwin:
The upside to playing Godwin is that I can drop DeeJay and stash a player to help me get through Week 10 byes. Brady has shown some preference for Godwin when healthy. DeeJay was highly inefficient during his last time out.

Argument for DeeJay
BUT I don’t know if Godwin is even going to play. AB (MBC) is going to cut into his targets – too many mouths to feed and Brady does not really discriminate in who he passes to. DeeJay facing off against the Bills could be a smash match up

I think Godwin will play, but his targets may be limited by injury and AB’s presence. He could be a decoy to get Evans and AB open. OR…he’s fine and he’ll get you points.

Homer might be getting more snaps this week since he’s healthy and Dallas didn’t impress.

If you can afford to win with Godwin possibly scoring low I would drop Dallas and stash someone.

Godwin. Even with AB and Evans in the lineup, Godwin is still a a great slot WR for Brady. I don’t trust any backup RBs for Seattle. There are too many options and Pete Carroll will screw you over and play Homer over Dallas if Carson isn’t playing.

Dropped DeeJay, stashed Dez, and renamed my team to Dez Nuts.

I think I just won my league.