Half PPR: Gore, Breida, Jacobs, E. Sanders, Robert Woods (Already have Cupp as #2 WR)

Wow thats a lot of good options; lets break them down:

Gore- will get volume but is highly inefficient at his age, no start from me because you have better options

Breida: Highly efficient, should see 15-20 touches, but apparently won’t get goalline work

Sanders: Has been nothing short of spectacular this year; but, will see a lot of J. Alexander who is emerging as a top shutdown corner

Woods: Great talent, great offense, great opportunity. Hasn’t had the volume anyone wants yet but has had some unlucky breaks with the offense starting slow and him getting plays called back.

Jacobs: is THE guy on the team, the offense will run through him, and RBs have produced decently well against Min. My only concern is game script, if Oak gets down early, we may see a game like last week where Jacobs gets 99 yards rushing but nothing else.

I roll with Woods or Jacobs but because you’re already starting Kupp, I go Jacobs