Flex Hardman this week?

10 team PPR. I’m off to a decent start after TNF with Jones and Adams, which is nice. So I don’t need the homerun. But I am still projected to lose by a lot and I’m the lowest points playing the team with the most points.

Golladay is currently in my flex. Should I play Hardman over him? I could see either having a big day as both their teams play each other and could be putting up points.

Hardman is more boom, but Golladay maybe safer with his team chasing points?

Who should I flex?? (Other starting WR is OBJ)

Golladay has plenty of boom potential himself. I wouldn’t bench him for Hardman


I know he does. I guess last week (in an awesome matchup) scared me off a bit. Plus, owning him last year, I know firsthand some weeks Stafford force feeds him the ball and other weeks he ignores him completely. And with the Chiefs scoring 30+ a game, there’s plenty to go around, and it only takes 1-2 huge plays for Hardman to have a huge day.

I’d just prefer to stick with the guaranteed volume myself. Golladay is around 9-10 targets a week, Hardman is around 5-6 if I’m not mistaken. You’re right about it only taking one play, but the same can be said for Golladay as well. I could definitely see both having good games. To me there’s a better chance of Hardman putting up a stinker this week than Golladay. Lions should be having to throw the ball a ton, and Golladay is the main man.

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