Flex help 0.5 ppr

I’m stuck between Hines, Miller, and Ingram

Miller is banged up and just hasn’t produced well
Hines will be a ppr dump off machine this week with Hilton, Doyle, and Mack out
Ingram, not sure I can trust his utilization 1st week back with how well Kamara has been

Thoughts on line up?

I like Ingram personally. I think he’s worth the small risk that he doesn’t get enough touches. That seems unlikely to me given Washington’s defense is pretty legit, so far at least, and I think the Saints will need Ingram to change the pace and keep Was on their toes.

Payton is a Belichick type too, tries to be clever and maintain an element of surprise. High probability that the surprise is coming out hard with Ingram on the ground and actually through the air, too, as Ingram is a legit threat through the air as well as on up the gut on the goal line (which I think he’ll get the first shot at usually too).