Flex Help 1/2 PPR

1/2 PPR

My options are and current rankings are:


QB: Trubisky
RBs: Gurley/DJ
WRs: OBJ/Hilton
TE: Kittle

Opponent had Hopkins and Fuller so I am projected down by about 15 points currently. I feel like Chubb is the right answer because he will get the touches and goal line work. I just worry that if CIN falls way behind that Duke may come into the picture.

Chubb seems risky this week to me due to Pittsburgh’s improved run defense. They also get Morgan Burnett back this week along with LJ Fort to make things even more difficult for Cleveland. I like Baldwin out of that group. He’s been working out of the slot lately so he should avoid seeing Darius Slay.

Thanks for the info! I really do want to believe in Angry Doug!