FLEX Help. 1/2 PPR

Got to choose 2/3 between the below for RB2 and Flex. I am leaning towards benching Diggs as his injury is concerning and I cannot afford another stinker game.

Woods, Landry, and Kamara are locked in.

What combo of Cohen, Ingram, or DJ Moore should I play? Sutton and MVS are also on the bench.

Thanks in advance!

Cohen for sure. Ppr monster and big play ability. He is on fire right now.

Also Ingram is not a bad play.

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So you’re vote is for Ingram/Cohen for both RB2 and Flex together?

Yes. Cohen and Ingram.

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Well, looks like Diggs is out. He had a limited limited practice Friday and was pulled from practice as well. I figured he’d be a long shot to play and now he’s basically doubtful and done until after the bye. IDK why they wouldn’t do the same with Cook, but that is another story.

Thanks man, I have Ingram and Cohen set in my lineup! This also gives me the highest projection as well!

As much as I want to play DJ Moore, I feel gross playing Carolina pass catchers since the only one that’s worth anything is CMC. I don’t trust Cam at all and his passing abilities. MVS is also on my bench as well, he could have a good outing this evening.

Good move and good luck. I love Cohen and Ingram seems safe enough.

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Hey man, last time I am pinging you @Pmanningthegoat, got Ingram as the locked in RB2 and rolling with the NO Saints backfield tandem.

James White set the script for how to beat up the Bills at home, but with Peterman playing and the Bears DST expected to crush, does that kind of game-script better for Howard? With Robinson out they will probably dink and dunk underneath, and that speaks to Cohen’s strength of catch and run. So I expect him to absorb some targets for sure.

In light of all that, you’re still 100% Cohen over MVS in what should be a shootout? I like the way Rodgers has been playing for sure, and with Cobb gimpy and Allison out, this should bode well for MVS in the flex.

Thanks again man, sorry for being a pain, I just have a pretty decent roster and scooped up all the good WW options in the last 2 weeks lol.

No problem. Im here to try and help. I think the script def. favors Howard. Cohen will get a lot of dink and dunks early if it gets carried away then he may get scripted out in favor of Howard. MVS could light it up tonight, but I still lean a little towards Cohen.

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Rolling with the original lineup, Ingram and Cohen. The fiance blessed that, so that is what it is lol. Thanks again @Pmanningthegoat