Flex Help (1-4 team)!


Need help with a starter for my Flex position. 10 team, full PPR league. I am 1-4 and need a HUGE win this week. Right now we are both projected at 122.

RBs - I am starting E. Elliott and J. Mixon
WRs- I am starting K. Allen and T. Boyd

I need advice on who to put in my flex. On my bench I have:

  • P. Lindsay
  • B. Powell
  • A. Peterson
  • D. Jackson
  • C. Ridley
  • C. Clement (didn’t play him because of the snap count)

I was leaning more towards Ridley or Jackson because of the shootout that will happen between Atlanta and Tampa Bay. But, Lindsay has been getting the carries. I am just worried about him playing against the Rams. Thoughts? Advice?

Thank you!

First of all, glad to hear you aren’t throwing in the towel after 1-4 start, because Zeke Mixon pairing can carry you to the playoffs. I think I agree with your whole thought process here. I would go Ridley with the incredible matchup. Powell is safe, but doesn’t have Ridley’s ceiling, and Lindsay should be fine, but like you said game script may not be in his favor. Jackson is a fine play, but doesn’t have Ridley’s floor or touchdown upside IMO.

Thank you for the advice and help. If the guys on the podcast have taught me anything, it’s don’t throw in the towel after a rough start. I traded for Mixon to help boost my team. If you have any more advice let me know! Thanks.

I think your team is ok as is, and it is nice to have depth heading into bye weeks, but despite Boyd playing well I would greatly prefer him in the flex. If there is any chance you can package some of your bench to get a solid wr2 type that would be my first look, maybe Golden Tate type. Could be easier said than done, but worth a shot. Good luck rest of season!

I would start Ridley too. Its going to be a shootout