Flex help - Aaron Jones best optin this week?

Standard scoring, need one more win to mathematically lock my playoff spot. Flex options are Jones, Cohen, Miller, Cook or Green if he’s back - what’s the verdict stick with Jones or take a softer matchup?
@MikeMeUpp would be keen to get your view here?
Side note question and it sounds daft but if Josh Allen plays are the Jags as safe as it gets for a top 3 DST play this week or is there trap element here, i can pivot if needed?

Rest of my team for info:
QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Jones, Cohen,
WRs - OBJ, Green, Allen, Miller
TE - Ertz
K - Boswell (stream)
DST - Jags / Broncos

Outside of one run Cook hasn’t shown me anything. I’d take Jones over him all day long. I’d strongly consider Jones over Green his first week back as well.


The Bears have a nice schedule down the stretch but I would be scratching my head as to figuring how out that team shakes out. it seems like different guys show out every week.

Yeah Cook and that Vikings O line doesn’t fill me with confidence, he has the Dolphins and Lions weeks 15 and 16 so I’ve held onto him but other than that i really don’t want to put him in.

No standard scoring here, agree on Green i need multiple full practices if i was to start him but i suspect he’ll be questionable again and surprised if he plays to be honest.

Bears wise i can see Miller having a good game as Robinson will get Slay all game and Cohen needs a strong offense to be played against with that Bears D playing the way it is they can just run the clock with Howard against Detroit. Looks like Jones it is then!

If it is standard my general rule of thumb is RB>WR for flex. You can’t turn down volume touches most of the time to chance a guy might snag 4 of 7 targets.

Agreed my view as well. I only change if i happen to have multiple stud WRs and all of them have very favourable matchups, rare but that’s my only pause otherwise i’m looking to plat 3 RBs at all times.

The add in here would be if i get Gus Edwards… not points chasing just stashing (i’m dropping the cards DST who i streamed this week and that went great smh!) and if Jackson starts again along with Edwards vs Oakland is he in the mix?

I’d rather sit him for one more week and see what happens, plenty of good matchups to come if he turns into the starter there.

That is tough. I kind of like Cohen the best here.

Gus is one guy I would expect to have a chance at repeating this week as it looks like Lamar is starting again and its the Oakland dumpster fire defense.

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In standard? Do you think he gets enough touches?

Really? I like him sure but i can see the Bears DST eating the Lions alive and this being done by halftime to be honest, lots of Howard as a result.

Wait, I forgot Kerryon is injured. Need to rethink this.

I have the advantage of sorts this week as my opponent will have played Mitch, Kamara, Robinson and Burton all by the weekend so i can see what the damage is for me to chase with a full team aside from Matt Bryant for me. opponent has lost Hunt and Cooks this week for the bye and has zero depth so will take a big hit there, i’m ahead in priority so i’ll get Gus worst case they will get Moore and Josh Adams so i’m feeling good

I have trouble with Jones this week against Vikings away. If it’s floor you seek, then yes I go AJ (Jones).If it’s upside gamble with mediocre floor, basically Cohen last week, then I go Cohen. I think he’ll get more involved this week and have a lot of success whenever he is involved anyway. It’s a crucial game for the Bears Bc they should easily win and screw themselves greatly if they don’t, and I don’t see them letting Mitch hold the fate of the game in his hands. Feel like we’ll see a lot of Cohen and Howard and Howard just keeps doing almost nothing. Cohen with 12-15 touches against the Lions is perfectly fine with me for a flex. AJ is a better floor option for sure, but I fear the game will turn into an Aaron show. Vikings D at home is real. Green above everyone if he’s somehow good to go but that looks unlikely. Do you need big
Scoring or just someone to meet expectations? I feel like your other guys are your floor here.

Jones looked pretty good in the passing game last week too. Just sayin’…

Gus and J Adams I think are both solid flex plays this week if you do play the wire. I am strongly considering starting Adams over Cook this week with Gurley on bye.

I hate Cook. I am with you on that gamble scenario dependent

I like Cook in that I traded for him as a buy low because of his talent and schedule just in case Conner’s value got muted. Fact of the matter is I didn’t play him with Chubb on bye this week and right now I don’t see myself playing him next week with Gurley on bye so I am not sure he sniffs my starting lineup at this point the rest of the year barring injury.

@falcones404 well it could be the case, i will know by Saturday as my opponent plays Mitch, Kamara, Robinson and Burton midweek. Also being high on the waiver priory she wont be getting any of the top 5 guys like Edwards, Adams, Moore, Tre’Quan too many other owners with needs this week. I’m looking to get either Edwards or Adams for either ROS or plug and play this week if needed.

@psychosem17 and @falcones404 just to add in I’ve just seen the report that Mitch hurt his right solder in the game this week? On a short week - any boost to Cohen and downgrade for Miller if he’s limited at all this week?

In terms of who to play this might be a topic to revist on Friday or Saturday when half of my opposition have played we can reassess?

They didn’t practice today. DNP on a practice report like that isn’t very much info. I would just monitor it.

Me too. As much as I love Jones, this isn’t a great matchup. Cohen should run wild against the Lions.

No concerns about this becoming a Howard game? I just see the Bears D shutting down the Lions and putting this away early on. I’d love them to come in with the approach of this is a Thanksgiving game, increases the hold on the division and they go full Sean Payton on the Lions and Naggy and co run up the score to make a statement but i have concerns they’ll be too safe?