Flex help/advice

Micheal Thomas or Kareem hunt?

The other WRs are Baldwin and thielen
RB bell(played) kamara

These are your Flex? Haha they are starters on my team.

If it’s PPR you have to start Thomas as a WR. Toss up between Baldwin and Theilen. Both have PPR upside. I’d probably start Baldwin. So between Hunt and Theilen as your Flex, I’d go Hunt.

All very good options so I think you’re fine whichever way you go. It’d be tough to sit Theilen, but against a decent opponent maybe he levels out some this week.

Assuming you have no flex you should be playing Thomas and Baldwin at wr and Bell and Hunt at Rb. That’s a ridiculous lineup.

The other guys are the starters, bell is locked in already played, and kamara has been good so I gotta play him, I’m just not sure who to start this week go 3 WR or 3rbs
Full point ppr

8 player league? I’d play Hunt… (in fact, he’s my RB1) since I think (ok, hope) he goesoff huge this week. he is due. Overdue.

14 man league

How in the world do you have all of those players in a 14 team league?

I’d be curious to see some of the other lineups.

Keeper last year was bell
Traded away gurley an demaryius Thomas for hunt, flipped doug Martin and Larry for Baldwin,
Also traded away hogan and Parker for Micheal Thomas

Drafted thielen and kamara and stafford,

Picked the rams and Evan engram off waivers

Rex and crowder on the bench still

Well done then. Some nice maneuvering with your trades.

Sell high and 2-1 did the trick