FLEX Help.... Bonjour from Austria

He Footclan, i have Crabtree, Hogan, Murray, Perine and Funchess for Flex.
I am thinking about playing Funchess because of the matchup against GB…

my roster is pretty stacked cause i made a few great trades this year, going 12-2 into the champ. week.

Standard League

QB Wilson
RB Howard + Freeman
WR Thomas + Julio
TE Earz
Defense Chargers + Patriots
Kicker who cares


Forgot that i am having Gio on my bench aswell…

Any thoughts guys?

I am likely playing Funchess as a WR2 in both of my playoff matchups this week. I am a Packer fan and watch every game they play and they are bad at defense. Funchess should have a good game at home.

I have perine on all my teams and probably wont play him again as he has done nothing really in the last couple of weeks.