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FLEX HELP! brand new chubb owner FULL PPR


Pick 2 out of these players. thanks

Chubb, breida, clement, djax

*not to toot my own horn but Flex next week gonna be hard when baldwin and allison and later fournette come back >.<


Breida clement


clement interesting. I like clement but thought he would be last choice . why clement?

i was thinking about breida and djax. but so tempted to put in chubb for djax


Chubb and Breida


Clement is gonna be the lead back in Philly this week, he was on a limited snap count last week and still performed , which he won’t be this week. It really depends on if you need a safe amount of points or if you need to alot of upside to win a tough matchup


Breida Clement safer floor, djax Chubb way higher ceiling


You have to realize, yes Chubb is going to get carlos hydes role. However carloshyde was not producing a lot of fantasy points in that role. It was very hit-or-miss


Breida clement. No brainer.


I’m in the same boat of grabbing Chubb. Grabbed him pretty much as soon as the news broke amd almost immediately got a message from a league may saying good job (but not in a nice way). I think I’m going to hold him a week to see what comes of him starting. I still have Gordon, Breida, Kerryon, and Buck I can move around. Next week is whem I’m going to really think harder about it.




guess ill go clement for my flex. :confused: