Flex Help! Championship!

Tyler Lockett vs. KC
Robert Foster vs. NE
Mike Williams vs. BAL
George Kittle vs. CHI

(No TE, double flex league)

The Seahawks are mostly run these days, and I’m depending on that with Carson. Lockett has gotten a lot of with, but Baldwin and Moore are eating into his work. Also, Sorenson is back. (Right?)

Foster? It’s an interesting play, and I’m the underdog. Is Belichick going to find a way to take Foster away?

Mike Williams. The Ravens could potentially shut him down, and it happens more often than Lockett. If Keenan is on the field, is he a decoy? Can I trust Mike in that regard? I also have Melvin.

Kittle? Khalil Mack is going to be in Mullens’ face the entire game. Is he going to find the end zone, period? Is he going to get virtually “shutdown,” by his own standards?

Thanks guys,
Good luck!

Yeah…I’ve got Lockett myself…and over the season he’s done me good. BUT…I’m really torn about him this week. KC is a good matchup for him. I’ve got Evans too…and really, really wracking my brain between the two. Right now got Evans starting along with Dav Adams, but…really torn as to sitting Evans vs DAL and starting Lockett.


Would love to hear everybody’s thoughts.

Thanks a mil y’all!!!

And the bestest of the best luck to everybody that’s made it this far!!!

Friendly :hugs: to all my FFB friends here!!!

PS…sorry @chris_henry if it sounds like I’ve hijacked your post here. Truly didn’t mean it to come across that way buddy!!! :roll_eyes:

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I’d go with Lockett. KCs pass defense isn’t the greatest and I expect Seattle to be playing catch up all game. I’d expect 4-5 receptions with hopes of a touchdown in there.

Foster is too much risk. I picked up Allen this week but really hoping he gets his points on broken plays and scrambles.

Chicago is playing for a bye still as they have tie breaker over Rams, so I expect them to be pretty aggressive. I’d avoid that at all costs.

Williams is also a bit of a risk. With Gordon back and Allen Likely to play, I think you’re gonna see a low amount of targets going Williams way. The o/u is only 42 for this game where as the KC/Sea is like 56.

Just my opinion

Just when I had committed to Kittle. Do you really think they’ll shut down the 49ers so bad that Kittle can’t get 6-8 catches out of desperation? That’s what I was thinking.

Lockett and Foster are above Williams to me. You don’t think Baldwin is going to eat into a lot of Lockett’s targets?

Maybe, but Chicago has given up 1 TD to TEs since like week 7 and averages only giving up 10 pts a game and that’s in a PPR league.

I have Baldwin and before Ware was downgraded to doubtful, was contemplating putting him at my flex over Jamal Williams because of the same reason for Lockett.

All of these are tough calls. Tough decision for you my friend.

Just double-checking here. Did you mean Lockett over Evans??? Or were you meaning Lockett for @chris_henry’s OP???

I’m thinking you meant in answer to @chris_henry

Original post

TY buddy. :slightly_smiling_face:

Man that’s tough too tho. Honestly TB is terrible and Dallas d has been solid against WRs… feel like I’d go Lockett there too

@kceez30. Damn…thanks for your follow-up!!! Appreciate your follow-up comment!!! Yeah…I know…how do you sit Evans??? BUT…this time of year…weird things start to happen. I’ve never sat Evans…(got him in the DRAFT…and yeah…he’s screwed me a few times this year)….but…this is the CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


Thinking the same thing!!!

Best of luck to you this week!!!

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