Flex help foot clan! Playoffs help

So im in the playoffs in two separate leagues and i need some flex help and rb2 help.

The first league is standard and im trying to decide my flex spot between theo Riddick, semaji perrine, or marquis goodwin. I like theo and goodwins matchup but abdullah’s potential role scares me from theo.

In my other league im in round 2 of the playoffs but im hurting on my rb2 due to injuries. My options are dion lewis, peyton barber, Crowell or k. Williams from arizona. Lewis scares me currently due to burkheads td role and i think williams might run all over Washington. Barber would be my favorite if they would just sit doug martin. Sigh decisions. Any help is much appreciated!

1st League. Monitor to see if Abdullah comes back. If so, go with Goodwin. If not, I’d go Theo.

2nd League. I like Lewis or Williams, but again, monitor to see if Peterson comes back this week.

Lewis and Burkhead are a roll of the dice as they pretty much split the carries at this point. Burkhead is better in goal line, but Lewis has more big playmaking potential IMO.

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Thanks! Yeah i was thinking that the cardinals might just keep ap out for the rest of the season due to his neck.