Flex Help! Fournette problems!

Hey footclan. With fournette questionable I’m thinking I’m going to sit him. First up, thoughts on that? Also, I’m either subbing in Lynch or Larry Fitz. Would really appreciate some advice!!!

fantasy pros just released he active

Fournette is active today. But I like Larry as a solid start today

Yeah but do you want start him injured versus Fitz? (that’s the way I’m leaning between Lynch and Fitz)

The way I’d play it is based on your projected matchup.

I think Larry is the safe play to get his projected points. But Fournette has potential for huge games.

Therefore, if you are projected to lose, start Fournette with the hope he has a big game. If you are projected to win or have a close matchup, play it safe with Larry.

Fournette is active. Play him in this snow game. Jags will need to run the ball

I’m going through the same thing with Fitz or Cooper as a second option. Also heard that fournette was quoted as saying he hates playing in the cold