Flex help - Gurley or Coleman, std

Hi guys, having trouble deciding between starting Gurley or Coleman as a flex.

I have sony too but feel u cant predict how the patriots want to use him.


They’re back to back to back in the ballers rankings. If there’s ever a week to start Sony, this is it with all the receivers hurt in NE. But, like you, the week I start Sony it’s all of a sudden a James White game.

Gurley coming off of an injury (like always) makes me pause for second.

I lean Tevin for safety as he’s looked good since his return. But if you leave Sony out of your lineup then he’ll go for 3 goal line touchdowns. :man_shrugging:

They’re all good choices against with good match-ups, flip a (three sided?) coin. I don’t envy having to make this decision. Good luck!

That’s the same luck I’ve been having with sony this year. Still trying to figure out if hes worth trading… the offers aren’t too great.

I havent started coleman since I picked him up, the safe choice sounds good. Thanks man!