Flex help! Just torn on this one

Alright fellow foot clan members need a little help picking my flex this week. Round 2 in the playoffs and thinking of going with the chiefs trio of Mahomes, Kelce, and Williams (If ware is out). Just with playing against, Cooper and CMC do I swing for the fence with ridley or take a safer floor of Williams at what 10-15pts? Again assuming ware is out.

QB: Mahomes
RBs: Mixon, A. Jones
WRs: Thielen, Adams
TE: Kelce
Dst: Bears
Flex: Williams?
Other flex options: Mack (don’t love the match up), Kenny G, Kerryon (if he plays), Ridley (who I am leaning towards a as boom/bust play vs Arizona)

Ware is questionable, and trending towards a no go ( chiefs will want to be careful with him)

I stick with williams for volume alone.

As I was writing this he was downgraded to doubtful. Then that makes me question Aaron Jones vs Chi D. He didn’t get a touch till late in the 2nd qtr last week vs atl. That has me slightly worried. What you think about bumping Jones for Kenny G or Ridley?

It looks like Ware is going to be out and there seems to be a lot of “plug and play” analysis going around for Damien Williams if/when Ware doesn’t play…I don’t know if I buy it.
Williams had 12 touches last week for a whopping 30 yards, but stats looked good due to 2 TDs. Who’s to say that if he is that inefficient this week Andy Reid doesn’t go to Darrell Williams or Char West (who has played in this system before)? There’s no way they’re that committed to the 3rd string RB to just keep putting him out there for 2.5yards/touch. It’s just a thought…
I don’t think I could stomach playing Ridley, that’s just getting a little too cute in my opinion.
If anything I would lean towards Mack playing at home against the Cowboys. I know the Boys defence has been dynamite lately but Indy is playing at home and should get in the red zone enough times to give Mack TD upside. In their last 5 home games the Colts points scored have been 27,38,29,37,34. There will be points scored and Mack is the starting RB…if it were me I would think hard about putting him in.

That’s a great point on Williams. Although he was playing against a pretty good D. I just like that he has absorbed some of those swings and screens passes. Feeling like he has a higher floor than the others. Mack is something to think about prior to kick off tn. Obliviously the most talented of the 2. Just them boys been lights out on these past few weeks. I would feel good with either of them to be honest. You got me leaning Mack. Just outside of the Miami game he hasn’t done much either.