Flex help! Kittle Fitz or Corey Davis. 17 point Lead

Also I am up by 17 in total points which pays out 100$ It’s a 2 flex league with no kickers!
Rest of team
James Conner
Houston DST

I’m Leaning Kittle right now but Corey David could Boom again and I would hate for it to be on my bench.

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Lol hard to say to start 2 TEs but when you have those two… I think Kittle is hands down the safest play, so I’d roll with him. He may not expand your 17 point lead but definitely think he’ll maintain it at the very least.


Yeah I tend to go with the safer floor and I think that would be Kittle. I’m hoping having 2 49ers in my flex won’t kill me because the offense is not the greatest! Thanks for your input

I agree, youre team would be safer starting kittle over those two. Kittle wont give you a goose egg

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