Flex help - Kupp or Davis

So I made a similar post last week and I regretted not playing Kupp which cost me my last week. I have Gurley, Cooks, Rams D all in my line up. Should I flex Kupp or play someone else from my bench?

Bench: McCoy, Cooper, Collins, Lockett, A. Jones, Shepard, or Davis

Leaning towards Davis if at all. Only really asking because im nervous rolling out 4/9 players from the same team. Although I wish I went that route last week lol

I wouldnt play Kupp, I feel like you’re betting too much on the Rams at that point. I’d be looking at Cooper or Jones in the flex.

Thanks for your input. I completely agree, especially if they by chance have a game which is low scoring then i would pretty much lose but I hesitate on Cooper since he decides to play well like every other week lol and not sure how well anyone else on my bench would do. I lean towards Davis for the upside and targets what do you think about Davis against the Bills?

Personally I no longer trust the Seahawks backfield. But saying that, I imagine the Seahawks will lead that game and may rely on Davis to close it down. So could be a good play

Kupp on a bye week will outscore the Seattle backfield. I’d lock and load Kupp every week!

Apparently Carson is in this week. I’d avoid Davis if that’s the case

When an offense is rolling just go with it! If it was Cooks or Woods instead of the Rams D I might say something but fire up all Rams while they are hot!

Another option If you dont like it - trade Kupp at a high value and get something good in return.

tried to trade Kupp for Michel but it unfortunately got rejected