Flex help? Michel or Sanders?

I’m between Michel, Sanders, Gallup and Robby Anderson

If Darnold plays Anderson.

If not my next choice would be Gallup if healthy.

After that Michel because the Redskins are awful.


That’s tough because he’s been fairly disappointing but I would still be rolling Michel out there. Im leery about Anderson without Darnold, but his matchup is fantastic. I can’t consistently trust a Philly RB. And I would still be waiting to see how Gallup looks post-injury.

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I’d start Michel

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I was thinking similar to you guys and leaning towards Michel cuz the Redskins are bad and the Pats should be scoring but Rex Burkhead has been stealing carries away and he gets no work in the passing game which sucks, at least miles is(most games) seeing the most chances and I feel a breakout coming for him, but if Darnold is healthy Anderson could be awesome with the nice matchup

Well Darnold is out so Robby stays on the bench lol

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