Flex help need a big w!

Hey so really need a win this week. My flex options are as follows standard leauge too.
Ekeler, sutton, or colman?? Any thoughs as I had both sutton and colman on my bench last week and cost me a win

Standard? I’d roll with Coleman since his points would come from running the ball

I agree with @JuJu_Eyeball, Coleman is probably your safest bet. Tennessee’s defense has been stout against WRs so far - only 2 WRs have made it out with 10+ points. With that in mind, I would bench Sutton. As for Ekeler, I’m a little worried about him this week. I think the Chargers will maintain a sizeable lead throughout this game so they’ll likely be running the ball a lot. Normally this would bode well for Ekeler but I see this as the game where Melvin Gordon reestablishes himself as the RB1. Could be wrong but I think the safer play is Coleman.

Thanks, I was kinda leaning Coleman too. He looked really good last weekend too.

@ryanchaparian Ikr. Even if it’s unsuccessful, they’re gonna make a concerted effort for Gordon. We all know about his(pointless) situation. If not for the team, then maybe at least as a tryout tape to shop him? They were good without him. That would free up the cap. I’m admittedly uninformed about the particulars of the agreement.
But how bout Sutton tho? He just won’t go away, right? Haha.
Yeah even with Juscyczk hurt the 49rs should be able build off their overall success to this point and formulate something to make Coleman valuable this week and forward. Watch for loosey goosey ball security and his injury bug though. I still like him. I used to run him and Freeman together when he wasn’t hurt

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