Flex Help NEEDED - WR or TE

I’m projected to win by 13 points in my full point PPR league, but i know we can’t rely on projections. Below are the candidates to chose from to start in my flex position. Need advise ASAP!!! Love everybody on here for the advice I’ve received since the beginning of the season.

Robby Anderson @ NO
Charles Clay vs MIA
Vernon Davis vs ARI
Paul Richardson vs LAR

I like Anderson in this game. Lattimore is great but I think Anderson gets a few good plays in. And that’s coming from a Saints fan that hopes he does nothing. Haha

Well, good news is I still have him in my starting lineup as my flex. I was looking at the Footballers rankings to see how bad McCown’s injury would hurt Anderson’s potential this week. Good sign is I heard there is chemistry between Bryce Petty and Robby Anderson, so that’s nice to hear. Appreciate the quick response and good luck this week!

I agree, Anderson is the safe pick.

Thanks. I’m gonna need it.

I have Anderson as well, and was planning to play him. Hard NOT to start him, but PRO FOOTBALL FOCUS, which the “guys” seem to follow, says NOT to play Anderson because Lattimore is projected to “shadow” him". Lattimore kept B Cooks, D Adams and Julio to a “COMBINED” 88 YDS making them 3rd toughest vs opposing WR!!! Would you still start Anderson???

Trying desperately to decide between him, Dede, JuJu, Robert Woods and McKinnon for flex. Was thinking about putting ASJ in Flex for Rudolph, but now thinking about having to re-think that. SMH…what a mess!!! LOL


In your situation llc, I would go with Dede! I like Dede because he gets consistent targets and an easier matchup. I get that others like Marquise Lee more, but lee will probably draw the top corner from the Texans. Robby Anderson was the best option in my opinion for jsharp45 with his options. I would go Dede, Juju, Mckinnon, Anderson, then woods.

Robby, Clay, Richardson, then Davis. I really like Robby Anderson and Clay as solid plays. God Speed