Flex help pick 1 please

.5 PPR need to choose between Sterling Shepard, Marquis Goodwin, Elijah McGuire

I guess shepard because he has shown us big games in the past.

If you want the safe play i’d go Shepard but if you need the upside play it has to be Goodwin. Tampa has been giving up big plays all year and it just takes one 75 yard TD bomb for Goodwin to win you a week. Depending on your matchup need i’d do either of the above

Amendola is available on waivers too. Prefer him over Shepard?

Right now I have Hunt and Woods on a bye. After Julio’s night I went from projected to lose to projected to win by 5. Granted projections mean nothing but wondering same thing do I go Shepard and risk 2 catches I don’t know how safe he is lately or Goodwin and risk 2 catches

Can you share the two line ups at all? Just to get an idea of what you are up against, ignoring projections as you say

Nah. He is ok in PPR, but he wont score.

My team is on the left

There really isn’t much in it to be honest, Shepard is the safe option but on your opponents team i can see Brate maybe, Titans DST and maybe Davis busting this week but on your side maybe Fournette or Humphries don’t have big games but certainly wont bust so i’d give you the edge.

I do still like Goodwin this week and really if you can’t use him this week you never will but for the safe option i’d go Shepard in your situation.

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Thanks pretty much same thought process. If Kamara Had a bigger night I probably would play good win for the upside but since that wasn’t the case I can be a little safer and just get the usual point even if they are minimal

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DT just became available on waivers too any interest over these 3?

Personally it’s a no brainer, goodwin

Nah I think DT is best left on waivers at this point