Flex Help Pls

Roster is as Follows
Should I Start Jamaal or pick up Rod smith? Who should I drop for a kicker? It is standard, 12 team league, I’m in first might not even need a Kicker to win this week.

QB - Mariota
RB - Gordon - Hunt
WR - Green - Julio
TE - Engram
Flex - Empty
K - Empty
Def - Jax

Bench - Ekeler - Corey Davis - Hogan - David Johnson* - Aaron Rodgers* - Jamaal Williams - Greg Olsen*

Drop Johnson it is very unlikely he plays this year.

Unless you are in a keeper league.

I guess I’d go Williams in Flex but would not feel great about it. The rest of your lineup looks fine though.

The only problem I have with that is his upside is tremendous, and if he happens to come back he could be the difference in me winning or someone else getting him and beating me. I’ve clinched playoffs and am considering not even picking up a Kicker until I find out more about these guys. I can take a couple L’s and be okay.

Play Williams in Flex.

I am also in the camp that believes Johnson will not play another down this season.

Just a little more food for thought concerning DJ…IF he comes back (and that’s a BIG IF), Palmer might not be back either. Right now they’re saying he’s (Palmer) a “potential” comeback for Week 16. But even if he/they does/do…just not expecting big things from either of them this year. Could be wrong…it’s ALWAYS a “crap-shoot” in FFB…but…

just generally, kudos to you for hanging on to DJ, Aaron, and Olsen.