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Flex Help. PLZ this is to get in playoffs


10 team standard decimal scoring.
Should I start Frank Gore, DeSean Jackson, Emmanuel Sanders, Alfred Morris, Randall Cobb, Latavius Murray, Elijah McGuire, Tarik Cohen, Dion Lewis, Marlon Mack, Cooper Kupp, James White, or Josh Doctson at FLEX?
Please, I need to win this week or I fall out of playoffs.


These are all of your options for Flex… that’s a lot of players… so I will say D Jax


Morris, without a doubt


Morris for sure.


What if it becomes a time-share?


Same thing, no fear of a time share?


Plz play Kupp!!! He has a amazing match up and is the Rams number 1 red zone target. He will get a touchdown


Morris, even in a time share


I did want to play Kupp, but the thing is that I’m also playing Robert Woods and I don’t know if I should invest in 2 Rams WR’s.


I would play both


Id start D Jax. No Evans, yes please.