Flex Help powell vs stills

Last week I picked Stills over Powell and lost.

same situation this week .5ppr who would you start?

Powell, Stills, Goodwin, Godwin

I own Powell and am planning to use him in the Flex spot for one league. However, I’m also looking to start Fitzmagic in two leagues this weeks, because I think it could be another shootout against the Steelers. Therefore, I would even be looking at Godwin for your Flex spot in all honesty.

Do you think he would have a higher ceiling than stills? I just think powell is guaranteed to get 8 points at least.

Fair question, especially in a half-point league. I think Godwin has more upside than stills, so the comparison might be more between powell and godwin. And yes, I would agree that powell has a better floor this week. How much upside do you figure you need this week?

I don’t think I need to much upside, my team looks to be the favorite this week. I just would rather not have a dud like stills last week, which made me lose by a point. the thing that scares me about Godwin is the number of weapons they have. he might just not see the ball, or he might have 10 catches its tough.

That’s very true. All of that is possible haha. If your team looks to be the favorite, I think Powell is your best bet. That’s how I’m feeling with him. May he scorch the Browns tonight!