Flex help...Samuel or Harris

Need to make the decision between starting Curtis Samuel and Damien Harris.

Originally started out this week planning on starting Harris, but then the Sony Michel activation news broke. Talked myself into Samuel and was pretty set on playing him as it looked like Bridgewater was going to start at QB.

Now, I still think Teddy B is going to play, but I am not entirely sure. How do you think PJ Walker starting affects Samuel’s usage? Does your opinion on who to start change based on who is the starter at QB?

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Davis for sure

Davis for me

Oh my goodness… I did not mean to type Mike Davis… I meant Damien Harris
edited the original post

I’d still go Harris. I don’t really want either option but I think Harris is least touchdown dependent. Sony Michel being back definitely confuses the situation a bit but I think he doesn’t affect Harris too much this week.


Looks like Michel is a healthy scratch. Harris it is for sure now, that makes me feel a lot better about it.