Flex help standard league!

So my options in my league that I have for flex are
Josh Reynolds vs lions
Dj moore vs buccaneers
Jordan Howard vs Giants

Right now I’m rolling with dj moore but if funchess comes back should I maybe put in Reynolds?

I would go Reynolds regardless. he has been solid since kupp was injured

Great question. I’m ruling Howard out immediately. I think Moore and Reynolds are very similar and it’s a good problem to have when you’re deciding between these two.

Some things on my mind… Rams are predicted to put up big numbers in their game, and Reynolds may very well be a part of it. However, if he isn’t a part of it early on, the second half of the game may very well being a running game script for the Rams. THAT BEING SAID, if they go up early by a large margin, they usually take their starters out halfway through the 3rd quarter… HOWEVER, I wouldn’t be surprised if they leave Reynolds in (because of his youth and lack of experience compared to the other starters) while taking out the seasoned Cooks and Woods, leaving Reynolds as the #1 option.

I think Moore’s game against TB is going to be quite a bit more competitive - I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns into a shootout, forcing both teams to put up big numbers (which both teams are very capable of). Don’t be surprised if DJ is forced to pull out a big game for Carolina to get the dub. However, they could also heavily lean on CMC and Old-Faithful Olsen.

I think I’d lean Reynolds. Like his situation just a tad more, but both are great options imo.