Flex help standard league

Standard league pick one for my flex

Julio Hines
Terry mclaurin
Myles gaskin
Dionte Johnson
Devonta booker

Because of Standard you need the TD

Booker with Jacobs out for me.

Hmm I was leaning either gaskin or mclaurin - but mclaurin is against Pitt - so I guess it’s really gaskin vs booker

I lean Gaskin.

Yes, he is coming back from injury, but Ahmed and Breida are both out this week. That leaves Gaskin as the bell cow with Laird as relief. I fully believe Gaskin will get at least 80% (if not more) of the workload this week. In addition, MIA plays a spiraling CIN and Fitz should be starting, which increasing Gaskin passing work.

Booker is a decent play, however, NYJ has been pretty good against the run all year. Their pass defense has been bad, so I can see Carr trying to sling it to Agholor and Ruggs to prove last week was a fluke.

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