Flex help to make playoffs

I️ have Julio and Allen as my WR’s. I️ can’t decide if I️ should ply tyreek, Landry or crowder in the flex. Leaning crowder because the other guy is starting cousins.

For the life of me, I do not understand everyone’s hate for Jarvis Landry…It baffles me how he gets absolutely no respect from people. Far and away the most underrated fantasy player this season in my opinion (in PPR). He is the 7th best WR in PPR for goodness sake, and has been wildly consistent. He’s not like Keenan Allen where he was mediocre all season and then has 2 monster games and is a top WR now. Landry > Allen, although Allen’s ceiling is certainly higher. He’s 2nd in the league in catches behind Brown and should be on no bench in fantasy. His floor is the safest floor of any WR other than Brown and Theilen. Talib is out as well which only helps the matchup. (If this is a standard league, forget what I said and play Crowder).