Flex help to stay in playoffs!

I am able to play both George Kittle and Hunter Henry in my league. I did that last week and of course I lost. So I’m trying to make a flex decision, do I play Hunter or Kittle? And instead of one of those do I play Lockett, Deebo Samuel or Alexander Mattison? I do not own Dalvin. Or should I bite the bullet, forget about last week and still play Henry and Kittle over one of those three guys??? Please Help! All opinions are welcome!

Anybody? Lol

I say go down playing your studs, Kittle and Lockette, but what do I know… Definitely get some more advise as I am not an expert and have been making bad benching decisions lately that have cost me dearly in wins and overall playoff seeding lately.

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Id say Kittle and Lockett after hearing that lockett was sick last week, i cant imagine he has 4 dud games in a row they should be using him this week.

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Lol bro I’m feeling for you right now, I benched Chris Carson last week for Johnathan Williams…which is why I have to win this week to keep the #4 seed…so I feel your pain

You don’t think Jalen Ramsey will assault him the whole game?

I’d be a little concerned about the Ramsey match up, but I still think Lockett is worth starting. He’s just so good and can come down with a couple big contested catches.

That’s true, but do you think in the grand scheme of things that Lockett will have a better game matched up with Ramsey then Hunter Henry vs Jacksonville? I’m really stuck with this lol

Oh, that’s right, Hunter plays JAX and their defense has totally quit this year… I think that matchup sounds better for sure than counting on an injured Kittle in a hostile environment like New Orleans. And the LA/JAX game is at 4PM, so that fares better for LA too.