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Flex help!


I can’t make up my mind for my flex play this week. My best options are: Tevin Coleman, Randall Cobb and Matt Forte.
I really am struggling to decide what player has to lowest floor and won’t bust week one. Also I’m in a 12 team standard league.


I’m thinking cobb, I feel like hes going to have a bounce back season


I think Cobb definitely has the lowest floor. He was clearly Rogers 3rd choice last year and we have no evidence things will be otherwise this year.

I think the choice here is definitely between Coleman and Forte and it’s a tough choice. Coleman is clearly the better running back but he’s definitely second fiddle to Freeman. He’s bound for TD regression from last year’s 11. Who’s to say how much he’ll actually play.

Forte and Powell will definitely be sharing responsibilities and their the Jets best hope for successful offense this year. However, they’re playing the Bills and McCoy is going to stomp all over them. I’m guessing they’re playing catch up most of the second half of the game which means the passing offense will get the bulk of the work severly limiting your production from an average RB splitting carries.

On the other hand, the Falcons have the Bears and it’s likely to be a fairly lopsided game for them. If that’s the case then the Falcons will switch over to Coleman a bit more consistently in the second half. And with Coleman being the superior RB I would definitely swing in that direction.


abbottct… like your thinking of Coleman getting ‘garbage time’ work against Bears. But predicting garbage time points…?? LOL.
Might be the safest bet out of the 3 if looking for safe floor though. And Tevin can break out for a big play.
If going for highest upside gamble I would say Cobb.


For me its between Coleman or Cobb. I’d slightly lean towards Coleman. Falcons should handle the Bears pretty easily which should give Coleman more touches through out the game. Not sure this would matter at all but I think Coleman is from the Chicago area.


Yea I’d go with cobb but thats just my opinion!


I really appreciate the replys! I’m gonna have to go with Cobb for this week. I have Freeman as my RB 1 so I’ll just let coleman ride the bench. I think Cobb should have a good week because Jordy and Davante should draw a lot of Seattles good DB’s and give Cobb a good chance to make some big plays!