Flex help !!

Ok so I need a bit of advice on who to start at flex

WR: MT, Anderson, Lockett, Kupp, Higgins
RB: Carson, Robinson, McKinnon
Flex: ?

Currently I’m starting MT, Anderson, Carson, Robinson, and have Lockett at flex.


Yeah I think that’s spot on, I would be between Cupp and Anderson and Anderson
Has been overall
Consistent .

Ya Kupp had one big game but by in larger has disappointed.

You don’t like McKinnon over Robinson this week?

Thoughts on McKinnon over Robinson? I was thinking since Belichick is going to focus on Kittle that that will open up opportunities for McKinnon.

Also, thoughts on Higgins over Lockett based on matchup?

I like Higgins a lot but I’m never starting him over Lockett this year with the way the Seahawks are playing. Lockett is a set it and forget it player.

I still prefer Robinson to McKinnon. NE defense is still good and McKinnon won’t have the backfield to himself. Robinson hasn’t flashed as much as he had earlier in the season but he still has the backfield completely to himself.

I think Robinson is clearly your safer option because he gives you a higher floor than McKinnon.