Flex help πŸ’ͺ🏻

I’m facing the guy who has A. Brown which has put me waaaaaay behind! I need help deciding who to play at the flex. K. Allen? Crow? Or A. Collins? Standard league.

I think it’s crowell for me… He has been slowly becoming fantasy relevant again. And you can beat the jags on the ground.

You need upside, which unfortunately none of these guys are known for this year. The Jags may be beatable against the run, but I seriously doubt the Browns will be able to move the ball well enough to give him much volume, so his upside seems pretty darn low. Collins upside is decent, but it is yet to be seen how this backfield is going to shake out with both Woodhead and West returning, which makes him risky. I think I would lean Allen for the best combination of floor and ceiling.