Flex: Hunt or take a chance

I ran Robby Anderson in flex last week, but don’t like that based on last week’s target share and the fact that I’m starting the Saints D and that could be counterproductive.

Options are Kareem Hunt vs HOU which is where I am leaning or

Corey Davis, Tay’son Williams, Eli Mitchell

Anyone else you would slot in and why?

full pt PPR

I would probably take a gamble on Elijah Missle :rocket: this week and because it’s your flex spot I try to go more BOOM player than safe floor type of player at flex.

Opponent already played Gibson on Thurs and only got 9 pts

Corey Davis in full PPR.

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I would lean Hunt in a great matchup and a solid place in the lineup. Davis scares me to death with Belicheck taking away what you do best. Trey Sermon could be the guy for Shannahan this week.

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