Flex issue

Full PPR. I’m trying to decide between TY and Sanders… I know it sounds stupid but hear me out. My WRs are AB, Diggs, TY, Sanders and my RBs are Gordon, Conner, Ajayi, Lewis. As of right now I’m locking in Gordon and Conner as RBs with AB and Diggs as WRs. Diggs’ match up is too good imo to throw in TY over him… But Am I over reacting to Sanders’ performance to consider him over TY in my Flex? Sanders is home vs OAK and TY is on the road in WSH.

Personally i’d play Sander if you think you have the matchup advantage and want the safe points with upside from Sanders. The Raiders look and i think Sanders has another good week, Case loves the slot receivers too.

Flipside, if you need a bigger upside throw TY in there, lower floor in my view than Sanders but we all know what his ceiling can be so if you’re in a tough matchup on paper you have a strong core and TY could put you over the top. That Redskins D looked pretty good and was up there in creating pressure after week 1 so that’s my concern that Luck wont have the time to look for Hilton deep, but with Smith looking good Luck will need to throw a load because the Skins are putting up points on the Colts for sure. Just comes down to matchup situation for me not really a right or wrong answer per say

Instinct tells me to play Sanders here… but it just feels gross benching TY lol

lol i get that with Luck back you never know! it would be just typical that you’d bench him, and he’ll go off for 150+ and 2Tds. i still think Sanders will be fine regardless but no wants the blow up game guy riding the pine…

By the looks of your team it shouldn’t matter who you start lol.
But i think i would have to start T.Y. just for the ceiling.

I swapped it around to be AB, TY and Sanders… i can live with diggs going 3/75/1 on my bench… but if TY goes 7/150/2 Ill hate myself.

This is a 10team league btw lol. AB fell all the way to 9 (which was actually very common this year, even in full ppr) so I was able to go Gordon, TY, Diggs with my next 3 picks… in case you were womding how my team turned out that way lol.