Flex: J. Adams / Dion Lewis / Drake / Sutton

Currently have Adams in the flex as i feel as though he’s secured that philly backfield, but curious to yalls thoughts.

Last week of our regular season, 8-4, so a loss this week and i remain in 3rd, potentially fall to 4th if the 7-5 team wins and ends up with more PF

Playing the team in second place (9-3) so a win would have me tie for second, need to score 30 additional points than him to gain more PF to secure second place.

Regardless, i’m in the playoffs :smiley:

So, best case scenario you jump to 2nd? Worst case you fall to 4th? Assuming the 2nd seed gets a bye, I would go for a huge BOOM. That might been playing someone like Curtis Sammuel instead of any of those guys. So, if you can get a bye by beating the current #2 by 30; go for a BOOM. If not, or if you have any chance of falling below 4, I go Adams.

hmmm very interesting take. i have to say i’ve been eyeing samuel on waivers for a couple weeks now, especially being the Cam owner.

I’d definitely take that into consideration, but would love to hear more opinions

Id go with adams for if youre looking for someone with the highest floor…drake if youre looking for the highest ceiling