Flex Jamaal Williams or Damien Williams?

Who would be best in flex? I have Cohen as RB2. Full ppr here.

Full PPR, I probably say Jamaal Williams although Damien will have more goal line opportunity.
Better offense.

In ballers ranking- Damien is 6 spots higher than Jamaal. So I would just keep an eye out of Ware’s health for the week as well. So if it was me, I go Jamaal just for volume, Damien for sure if Ware isn’t playing or still really banged up.

Would you play Jamaal over Cohen and put Damien in flex if Ware is out? Cohen last week saved me with his touchdown but if he didn’t get it wouldn’t have been a good day.

Oooof…I probably play Cohen- although I think this is the time when they finally start using Howard.
Cohen is so much more explosive and a better weapon- I would pick him over Jamaal Williams over and over again. When I get stuck on decisions like this I look at rankings- rankings have Cohen up higher too.

Yeah that is my concern that they will start using Howard. He looked actually good last week but the SF D-Line is pretty solid so I have a feeling Trubisky will throw more which Cohen dominates that area when pressured. Yeah I will stick with Cohen since he was one of the many that has gotten me to the championship. Although Jamaal’s volume is intriguing.

I agree. I wish I had Williams as well…he’s just not as a dynamic weapon. Cohen can break any play for huge yardage.