Flex - JHoward or Landry

Trying to win this game for a bye week one of playoffs. What you guys thinking… ive lost trust in both of these players. so this is particularly painful

Flex - Jordan Howard or Jarvis Landry

that is a terrible choice to make. Both are drop candidates to me. Is this standard or PPR?

Yeah this is awful.

Who is on your waivers for WR and RB.?

I’d be fine dropping either.

Is Josh Reynolds there?

Its half point ppr

Waivers are thin. Theo Riddick is the top choice out there.

I have Taylor Gabriel, Keke Coutee as well.

Riddick is a good flex play also. Both the other guys are TD dependent… if I had to choose… I’d go Howard only because I feel like he’ll be able to run against the Giants? But that’s a rough decision…

As a Landry and Howard owner- this sucks. If you’re super stuck, play Howard, but I would really look somewhere else. Look for Curtis Samuels, David Moore, J. Ross, Trey Quinn, etc…one of those guys have to be out there. Drop Landry and pick any of those guys who will be better to flex even if they are not projected to be better.

Yikes both these guys have been a terrible let down. I guess Howard, but only cause he touches the ball 10 times a game. Landry has barely been getting catches.

as @blend123 stated Theo would be a good alternate. Especially if the rumors are true that DET might shut down Kerryon for the year.