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Flex Kamara, Abdullah, DJax, Tyreek or Gilly? Starting Ingram and M. Thomas already


Everything I’m seeing says to flex Kamara but I hate putting 3 starters in one game against a decent D. It begs for a let down. Thanks for your help! Good hunting!


If you’re nervous about putting all your eggs in one basket against a good defense, I’d throw DJax in. Evans will be bottled up by Patrick Peterson and DJax could be absolutely awesome against one of the worst corners in the league.


I’m with you, no way I’m starting 3 guys on one team. For me it depends on league format. I think I’d start Hill either way but if it’s a standard I always lean RB so Abdullah or Gilly; Abdullah I think has a safer floor. If Hill scares you this week, Trex makes a good point about D-Jax.


Thanks to both of you! It’s a PPR league and I don’t need to go big so I like Hill a lot if he’s healthy or DJax if he’s not since the match up is a plus.


Tossed in DJax and he got me 17! the advice definitely helped. Thanks.