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Flex Keenan or DJ?


.5 ppr - Current Starting lineup - Fitz, Julio, Adams, Gordon, Conner, Vance - Right now I have Keenan in my flex - DJ on the bench. Roll with Keenan or DJ this week?


Sit Fitz, play Allen as a WR and DJ as your flex. Fitz has been historically bad on the road and with Rosen under center, you never know who the #1 target will be


Sorry, meant Fitzpatrick - 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 Flex


I’d play Keenan over Gordon and flex DJ


I think it’s pretty matchup dependent for who you’re playing against in your league. I think Gordon has a great opportunity to have a monster week - I’m very unhappy that I have to play against him this week. But, Keenan probably has the safer floor, so if you want to play it really safe, I’d do Keenan over Gordon and then flex DJ (who also has a safer floor than Gordon).
But… focusing on just Keenan or DJ, I think Keenan has the better opportunity against a terrible defense, and although KC is fun to play against as well, DJ may get game scripted out.


Thanks guys!!


I assume the Gordon in question here, based on the order is Melvin Gordon not Josh Gordon. I’d probably go KA over DJ this week in the flex. You already got a good start with Vance, and although you got less than you expected from Conner you’re probably still in good shape. I think Keenan Allen gives you a more balanced floor. He’s been getting a ton of targets and has been good for about 12-14 points floor in .5ppr.


Yes, M. Gordon, sorry I wasn’t more specific haha but I got the gist of what others were saying, I’ll roll with Keenan. Really hoping DJ finds his way, with Conner in question Bell/Concussion, i’m going to need him