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Flex KJ, Chubb or Boyd?


Ppr. Leaning KJ and the footclan guys agree. KJ without a second thought here? Chubb is close in my mind.


Chubb will have the rushing attempts but Duke will have the receiving targets. I would stick with KJ.


Chubb. He is the starter for a reason. KJ is not for a reason. People want him to be and I get it but he still can’t be beat out Barber. Trust the coaches.


I’d go with Chubb simply because he’s a goaline back, but it’s really close. You really can’t go wrong with either KJ or Chubb.


Thanks for feedback. My decision got harder here tho lol.


lol, flip a coin :slight_smile:


If Riddick is out again this week, and it looks like he will be out, I’d go with Kj.


That’s exactly why I was leaning KJ.


I’d go with Boyd. Last week was awful but he’ll bounce back against TB. Winston is averaging over two turnovers a game. Also light rain so you know he will trip over his own shoe.