Flex: Kupp, DJ Moore, or Drake

I’m playing the worst team in my league this week. I shouldn’t even need a great week to win. But at 4-2 and losing the last 2 weeks, I CAN’T lose this one. If I lose this week I’m going to start to panic a bit.

I’m starting DJ and Robinson at RB, Golladay and Woods at WR, CEH in one of the flex spots, and I need to choose between Kupp, Moore, and Drake in the other flex.

My thinking is that because Drake is still getting huge volume every game, DJ Moore is inconsistent, and the Rams just aren’t doing enough through the air right now, Drake is my best play here.



All the “analyzer” programs say start Kupp OR Moore over Drake, but I’m still don’t see how with Kupp going up against a top 5 defense against WR’s and Moore being so volatile. Drake is still sure to get close to 20 touches.

Bump again. Waiting to hear about Woods’ injury today but I’m leaning hard on Drake at the moment. If Woods is out, I have to start 2 of Kupp, Moore, and Drake.

I’m thinking Kupp/Drake because who else will the Rams throw to? And Drake should get plenty of work.

Ppr or standard

I could be 100% off basis but I am nervous that kyler has been throwing absolute garbage this year and hopkins is partially injured. He was 9/24 last week against the Cowboys… My fear is that the cardinals trail almost immediately and it becomes an Edmonds game.

Moore could easily see a step down in targets after only having an approximate 50% catch rate last week.

When I am split I usually lean in the direction of the RB(assuming they get goal line work) as they can fall into the end zone and save their week. So my answer is drake but I dont feel much conviction about that

It’s full PPR. And yeah if Woods doesn’t play, I’ll have to play Kupp, who might be a better play with Woods out anyway.

But then the flex will be Drake/Moore and since both have been disappointing, I’d have to lean RB.

Tried to trade Drake for McLaurin straight up but got shot down. That would have solved my dilemma.

Drake’s issue is SEA is actually stout against the run. SEA defense is allowing the 9th fewest fantasy pts to RBs this year.

Woods/Kupp gets a date with CHI defense that is allowing the 3rd fewest pts to WRs. I dont trust Goff enough to get it done against CHI.

Moore plays NO who is roughly middle of the pack (17th I believe) against WRs this year. Moore’s biggest issue what will his target volume look like this game.

Overall, you are in a pickle. Moore has the best match up but questionable target issues. Drake has been inconsistent all year with 1 good game against DAL and what they call a defense. Woods/Kupp are on a run first team facing a tough defense against the pass.

I personally lean Moore/Drake with tempered expectations for both players.

So bench Kupp AND Woods?

If Woods sits, don’t you think Kupp will get all the targets out of necessity?

If Woods doesn’t play, Kupp becomes more attractive than Moore due to Kupp’s volume most likely increasing.

Overall, between all of your choices this week, I wouldnt expect huge games.

Well I have to imagine that seattle has the fewest points to the RB partially because A) they are frequently leading B) zeke is the only good RB they faced. We saw mattison who is okay shred them.

Seattle is not a defense that would make me hesitate to play my RB (assuming they can pass catch cause they will be trailing).

Also I don’t know if I’m sold on Moore having a good match up. Lattimore has been banged up this year and we considered him a shutdown corner last year… I think he’s probably removed enough from the injury where he’s now healthy.

Well hell, Woods is playing so that actually makes my decision even more difficult.

I hope you played Moore cause I own him everywhere and started him no where haha

I did but it didn’t matter because I played Drake and played against Lockett…