Flex: Lamar Miller, Emmanuel Sanders or Jordan Howard?

Standard 12-team, fighting for n1 seed.
Lamar miller vs TEN
Jordan Howard @ DET
Emmanuel Sanders vs PIT
Who would you start?

I would go with Sanders; I don´t trust Lamar and DET has been better against the run lately (plus without Mitch, they can focus on the run)

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thanks man, this question is killing me…
Miller has had over 100 yards in 4 of the last 3 games, plays at home, against a good defense but they just gave up 38 points to the colts.
Howard i believe gets a bump with trubisky out, he’s probably going to have more carries, and the goaline oportunities may be there for him
Sanders is the n1 target on an offense thats not that good and have lindsay getting targets and carries like crazy… He also hasnt scored since week 7.

Im playing for the n1 seed and a bye, im currently first with 6-3-1, and i play the second(7-4) this week.

Howard is touchdown or bust, but im kinda confident on him this week

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bump for more opinions! Need all the help i can get from the footclan

Sanders by a mile.
He’s been producing like a WR1 all season, I can’t see him failing to do so against the Steelers who we know are going to put points in the board.

What is holding you back on just auto starting Sanders?

his last 3 games were disappointing: no touchdowns, and less than 70 yards… started him and wasnt very pleased. Miller has scored more than him in 3 of the last 4 games.
Plus, this weeks matchup is looking good for howard(no trubisky = more carries, and the lions dont seem like a good defense).
Thats why it feels really close to me and i need your opinions haha

Trust the process, Sanders gets a healthy target share, whereas Miller has been overproducing lately(regression is likely on its way) & J Howard we are projecting opportunity ie hoping for opportunity.
I’ll take the safer option in a plus matchup. Recency bias tempts is all.

great call dude, howard 1.5 pts, sanders 14.6! Im still down 30 points tho, but had to come here and recognize the good call haha


I’m glad he produced for you, do you have any chance at a comeback?

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nop, only had thielen to play in standard scoring, ended up losing by 12 with the second highest score of the week haha