Flex: Lindsay, Kirk, or John Brown?

It’s a .5 PPR league and I think my flex decision is going to make the difference this weekend.

Lindsay v. Packers
Kirk v. Panthers
John Brown v. Bengals

Note: Gore v. Bengals is also available, but I’d have to drop somebody to get him on my team; this league has a short bench and I don’t want to drop any of my guys for a player whose utility diminishes when Singletary comes back.

The start / sit tool on this site has Brown winning out over all other options – unanimously! – but I’m really tempted by Kirk…and I know Lindsay is still capable of some of the monster games he had last year.

I’m definitely interested in the footclan’s opinion, too.

I think it’s definitely between Kirk and Brown because Lindsay is in a committee and also has a tough matchup against the improved Packer D. Although the Cardinals’ pace of play is appealing, I’d agree with the start/sit tool. With Singletary out, Josh Allen will most likely sling it more rather than relying on infinite Frank Gore.

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Thanks, Brendan…

I don’t know if it’s necessarily a Brown rather than Gore proposition for the Bills this weekend, but I do think Brown will see the ball plenty.

Lindsay’s in a committee, sure, but he was no stranger to the big play last year. And he hasn’t hit one this year. I feel like he’s due. It’s definitely more of a gamble…still undecided…