Flex: lindsay or coleman?

0.5ppr need 1 flex for this week
Lindsay vs Chiefs
Coleman @ redskins

Who do you pick?

both great options this week in similar situations. I would probably go Lindsay just because that game should be the higher scoring game… but I think you are splitting hairs


Man its a tough decision to make… my other rbs are cook and carson and i also snagged singletary from the waivers and he plays miami this week
Im scared of lindsay because of royce freeman, but at the same time, coleman has breida

only reason I wouldnt play Singletary is because I think he is more the passing down guy still and realistically they should not run into that too much against Miami. I think itll still be a Frank Gore dominated game. Wouldnt imagine they want to rush Singletary after a Hammy issue. Lindsay has been solid even with Freeman and he will probably catch more balls than Coleman, which is why I would lean Lindsay

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I have Singletary and am waiting a week (unfortunately because this matchup is JUICY) before using him to see what the usage could be like after the long lay off due to injury. Think he could surprise people and have a HUGE game this week, though, since he was basically ready to go before their BYE and could have been worked in during the bye and 2 weeks of practice leading up to Sunday.

That said, I’d go Lindsay tonight over the other options. (Make sure to move him from Flex to RB though since he plays tonight).

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Yeah, im scared to start singletary for the same reasons. But before the injury he was playing like the n1 back there, so i believe is just a matter of time since he comes a every week starter with the matchups that are coming for the bills… they will face the dolphins again in a few weeks, so that makes me very optimistic

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My fear would be the broncos playing from behind and lindsay sitting more than the usual because freeman is a better blocker, but yeah is matchup is very juicy tonight… as Jason even said yesterday, both lindsay and freeman can be very good assets this week

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Yes I think Lindsay and Freeman are going to have a good game. I would go with Lindsay

Another thing fellas:
Would you rather start gallup, sanders or john brown as WR2 this week?

I would go Coleman it’s looking like a 60/40 split in his favor. Freeman and Lindsay are 50/50 and switch off weeks who is favored.
@postgambino I’d play Gallup he’s wr1 with cooper being out

Hey fellas, ive got bad news and good news…
The bad news: started lindsay and he gave me 4pts
The good news: my opponent started damien Williams and got 1.6pt

The damage wasnt too big, lets hope i can win this one, im 2-4 and losing basically ends my season…

Just for curiosity, heres the matchup: