Flex Lindsay or Marlon Mack?

For me this is a tough choice because of both of their matchups. I have K.Johnson in my other flex spot. It is a standard league

I’m curious about this one too. I have both and am up against a player with T Hill this week.

The start sit tool has Lindsay over mack.

I have Mack in my lineup this week, but he’s my best option. I also have Royce Freeman, but Lindsay would be my pick in all honesty. His ability as a receiver should help in this matchup and they will be bullish on offense considering their opponent. Mack has big play ability, but he is more boom bust, Lindsay has a very nice floor. I would say Mack if you need the risk to get more points, but Lindsay if you want that easy 10 points or so.

Good luck. That’s a tough choice.