Flex lockett or chubb this week?

Chubb vs Hou
Lockett vs SF

Got Chubb in at the moment, but…IDK…just not sure about this week TBH!!!


Thanks a mil y’all :+1:

chubb for sure

if you’re going down, you’re going down with your stud horses. Chubb is the only name mentioned carrying such distinction.

LOL. Nice line. I like that, and might borrow it from you someday!!!

Yeah… @cegorelick and @Caveman45, when I first set my lineup yesterday, it was almost a no-brainer to start Chubb somewhere, but maybe I’m over-thinking things cuz I’m “this close” to locking up a BYE. :sweat:

This is what I have at the moment:

RB-A Jones
WR-Dav Adams

Bench: Truby, Tev Coleman, Lockett, Gus, J Reynolds, M Brown and A Miller.

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I cant’ imagine that team losing to anyone tbh

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Reynolds is the only other consideration here but it’s Chubb. No matter the matchup.

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Huge thanks y’all. Every little bit helps. Especially when it’s coming down to the wire here. Best of luck to you both this week!!!:grinning:

To you too partner.

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Chubb in the FLEX for sure. Lockett I like and he might do really well, but I think Chubb is going to get work regardless. I take the upside in more touches personally.

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TY @octoberland for your feedback and thoughts!! As I mentioned above …every little bit helps.

AND…the Best of Luck to you as well this week!!!:grinning: