Flex: Mack/Burton/Callaway/Ekeler

QB: Luck
RB: Melvin Gordon
RB: Jordan Howard
WR: Tyreek Hill
WR: Josh Gordon
TE: Ebron
D/ST: Colts at Jets
K; Fairbairn

Bench: T. Burton, A. Ekeler, A. Callaway, Corey Davis, R. Freeman, Baker Mayfield, Pats D/ST.

The Colts according to the media have been adamant that Mack will be the lead back upon returning, this seems to be happening. But Callaway looks to be in a good spot with other WR’s hurt in Cleveland, and a great matchup. Wind could be a factor in that game, especially for Callaway with those drops this season. His upside is solid this week though. Ekeler has been consistently scoring points, Burton has had some nice games too. Playing Saquon this week too, lucky me, haha.

Who would you pick: Mack, Callaway, Ekeler, or Burton???

I like Callaway since LAC haven’t had the best passing defense. If CJ Beathard had a good game against them I can see Baker playing pretty good and you get big upside from Callaway if he catches a bomb

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