Flex McLaurin, Coleman or Mixon?

Who would you guys start this week?


I think Mixon’s guaranteed volume makes him the safest play and Baltimore’s defense is more name than production this year

Coleman looked good but LAR’s D-Line is good and Breida got the passing work last week

McLaurin is a sneaky play especially with Keenum at QB against Mia; but, he is more volatile than Mixon or Coleman

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Thanks man, I need a big game from one of them since I had Gordon and he got injured in the first half tonight

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McLaurin. Since Colman is running against the over due Rams. McLarin is posed for a big day. I say 24. Coleman 14. Mixion 12+. But McLaurin is the offense in Wash.

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I was back and fourth with him and Mixon now Keenum is back but the new coach sounded like he wants to run the ball 50 times haha