Flex OBJ or Lindsey?

I really want to start Lindsey this week. I have OBJ in my flex because that offense just makes me nervous. Should it make me nervous enough to bench OBJ and play Lindsey?

No question about it for me - OBJ all the way. Hasn’t had less than 9 targets all season, and is averaging 12 on the entire season. I know Royce is going to be limited at best, may not even play - but you can’t start Lindsey over Odell. Who are your other WR/RBs that you’re playing?

Both would be fine, I say OBJ for the ceiling but Lindsey has a safer floor.

Great point… could be matchup dependent based on who you’re playing against in your league.

Do not overthink it, play OBJ

Those are my starters. I traded a lot of depth over four weeks to get this set up. Lindsey only guy on my bench right now. Lol. I’m a little crazy but it’s fun.
So OBJ against Josh Norman or Lindsey who has that backfield to himself. Booker ain’t nothin